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Madiz underwent a major refit during 2004 - 2006, completing the Special Survey with Lloyd's Register of Shipping in August 2006. She was re - classified with Lloyd's in the original class of +100A1 and at 104 years old, she was the oldest ship in the world to ever do so.

Pictures of the refit:

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During the Drydocking Day of the Launch

The refit works include :

  • Replating work. Although the metal Madiz was built from, being almost pure iron, is highly resistant to corrosion, she has, after such a long time, need for some parts of it to be renewed. All replating work was done to the satisfaction of Lloyds Register of Shipping.
  • Addition of  one large master bedroom in the space where the boilers originally were.
  • Extention of existing fuel tanks, bringing total fuel capacity to 50 tons.
  • Addition of new water tank, bringing total water capacity to over 40 tons.
  • Installation of new 105 KVA main generator.
  • Installation of new Sewage Treatement System.
  • Complete renovation of the Electrical installation, including a new main switchboard and required safety systems (emergency lighting etc).
  • Reconditioning of the piping system.
  • Renewal of most of the teak decks and repair of the original teak wood in others.
  • Overhaul of Main Engines and other equipment under inspection by Lloyds .
  • Inspection of tailshafts, shaft bearings, rudder, propellers & re-allignment of shafts with engines.
  • Redrafting of full new set of ship's drawings, including lines plan, profiles and decks, midship section, etc.    


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