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Built in 1902 as TRITON
Registered owner - James Coats, junior - Ferguslie House, Paisley, Renfrewshire.

James Coats was immensly wealthy, head of the great cotton firm of Paisley. He was a retiring, whimsical man, a great philanthropist, an avid yachtsman, and sponsor of many scientific expeditions. Here are some links about his life:

Madiz in 1904

Triton was designed by G.L. Watson and built to Lloyd's Register class +100A1 by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co., Troon, completed and launched on 27 February 1902. The Lloyd's Register of Yachts, 1903-4 gives her dimensions in feet as length 147.5 (length between perpendiculars 147.0), breadth 22.5 and depth 13.1. She was 289.92 tons gross, net 58.39 tons and her Thames measurement was 337.

She had six and a half bulkheads and two decks, with the upper fitted out in teak. She was fitted with triple expansion 6 cylinder 10", 16" & 26" - 18" engines with 91 nominal horsepower by Dunismuir & Jackson, Govan. Her sails were made by Lapthorn & Ratseys in 1902. Her call sign was T.J.G.P. and official number 115677.

1912 After Mr. Coats's death she passed to his Executors
Registered to Sir George Bullough - Kinloch Castle, Isle of Rhum, by Oban who renamed her "RHOUMA"

Sir George Bullough

Sir Bullough, later a Baron, was a larger than life character, 6' 8" tall, immesly rich and owner of the Ise of Rum, a shooting estate, home of Kinlock Castle, where he held many grand parties and gatherings. He purchased Madiz to replace his previous yacht and renamed her "Rhouma". A lot is written about his extravagant lifestyle. Here are some links:

1920 Registered to Vincent S.E. Grech, 318, Finchley Road, London, N.W.3
1923 In 1923 the vessel was lengthened 9'-2" by Scott's Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Greenock. Her new dimensions (in feet) length 156.7 (length between perpendiculars 156.1), breadth 22.5, and depth 13.1 Also fitted for oil fuel.

In dry-dock, during her lengthening

Her registered tonnage was 140.01 net tons, 318.50 tons gross and her new Thames measurement was 361.

After refit, now renamed OSPREY

Registered to Captain C. Oswald Liddell - Shirenewton Hall, Chepstow and renamed "OSPREY"
Captain Liddell was also the owner of this yacht.
1929 Registered to  T. Sackville Manning - 6 Lennox Gardens, London, S.W.1.
1934 Registered to W.D. Wills, M.P. - 2 Whitehall Court, London, S.W.1.
Call sign M.D.M.F., fitted with electric light
Lloyd's Register of Yachts records that vessel is 'To be renamed RHOUMA' but by the following year she was renamed HINIESTA again
1939 Registered to Sir Frederick Preston, G.P., K.B.E., J.P., - Landford Manor, Salisbury, Wilts and renamed HINIESTA
1940 - 1945 WWII Acquired by His Majesty's Government.(Lloyd's did not publish the Yacht Register during the war)

Clips from the Royal visit to Ulster

The above images are from a "British Pathe" news reel named "Royal Visit to Ulster", dated 26/07/1945, when Madiz (then named Hiniesta) was assigned as "Royal Patrol Yacht" (Click here for related video). She carried King George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Princess Elisabeth (the current Queen) on a Victory Tour (More...)

What she must have looked like then...

During the war Madiz was employed mostly in the research and development of the HFDF (High Freequency Direction Finder - or "huff-duff" as it was popularly known) which was instrumental in the winning of the Battle for the Atlantic. Here are some links:

1947 Signal letters changed to G.L.N.Z.
1950 Registered to the Executors of the late Sir Frederick Preston
1951 Registered to Benjamin Meaker - 36/40 York Way, King's Cross, London, N.1.
Registered to Steam yacht "President Roberts", Inc., - c/o The International Trust Company of Liberia, Monrovia, Liberia. No signal letters recorded, port of registry Monrovia, Liberia. Renamed PRESIDENT ROBERTS

Registered to Camper & Nicholson Ltd., port of Registry Southampton. Renamed HINIESTA.

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1955 Registered to North Marine & Industrial Consultants Ld. - Clifton House, Euston Road, London N.W.1.
1964 Registered to North & Partners, Ltd. - 37 Great Cumberland Place, London W.1. Signal letters M.T.Q.V.
1970 Registered to C. Keletchekis, no port of registry recorded. Class suspended, reported defects May 1970

Constantine Keletsekis

Mr. Keletsekis was Greek, born in Iran and long time President of the Greek community there. He was a highly respected business man in contracting works, shipping and commercial shrimp fishing and a scholar or Russian, English and ancient Greek literature.

1971 Registered to K.M. Corporation (Monrovia), c/o A. Sahinis, 11, B'Merarchias, Piraeus, Greece, port of registry Panama.
Registered to Kostas Keletsek - c/o Ross Persian Sea Foods Corp., 6-8 Kouche Sirk, Avenue Ferdowsky, Teheran 11, Iran, and renamed "MADIZ"
1975 Class suspended due to owner not wishing to follow surveys. Last entry in Yacht Register is for 1977 madizFar.jpg (37036 bytes)
1980's Registered to Conduct Shipping Company
1993 Registered owner "Prince Trading Corp.", Monrovia, Liberia.
2006 Registered owner "Prince Trading Corp.", Monrovia, Liberia.
Returned to class with Lloyd's Register, with original +100A1, LMC notation.

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2013 Registered owner "Prince Trading Corp.", Monrovia, Liberia.