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Some photos from the refit

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Frames being renewed before the plating can be added.
watertank.jpg (18847 bytes)
The new forward water tank, almost completed.
frontRoom.jpg (29281 bytes)
The front main bedroom. Much of the woodwork was removed and
renewed or restored after the repairs were finished.
aft2.jpg (26718 bytes)
The aft, where quite a lot of bottom plating was renewed due
to electrolysis from the propellers.
madiz_ut.jpg (43337 bytes)
A number of tests, such as ultrasoninc testing shown here,
were carried out to ensure the quality of the work.
shaftstamp.jpg (26800 bytes)
Madiz still has the original main shafts. The classification stamp on it
says "LLOYDS, No 205A, 11.2.02" (ie 1902)
shaftin.jpg (51041 bytes)
The shafts and propellers being refitted.
piping.jpg (30999 bytes)
The piping (as well as the electrical wiring) was almost completely renewed.
cranckshaft.jpg (36150 bytes)
One of the main engine's crank shaft, revealed, to change bearings etc.
The main engines and all main equipment were overhauled.

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